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侵蝕的記憶-家  Rusty Memory -Home



Photos record moments might be excited,sorrowful or normal.Each moment was once a full ballon,pricked by time slowly then collapsed until people forget. 


「Rusty Memory」is based on family photos.I remove each one’s face in the photo,make each beholder become one of them.Ones can arrive the past when they didn’t exist.Plants and vein  doesn’t only mean one’s relation with family,but the thread I try to sew the beholders’ past up,make one’s old time recombine into now.I chose aluminium and silver foil as media,metallic colour giving a feeling of time’s sharpness.Images on sliver foil could be oxidized easily, but aluminium could not.Images on aluminium foil are truth and on silver foil are memory we have that changes with time.Find out feelings in our mind deeply by staring at those image. 

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