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如風般的輕盈  是人人的渴望…




再加了兩袖帶上清風  做成翅膀




Lightness like the wind...everyone’s desire ...

Soaring in the corner of the sky

Greeting the gentle breeze

All the shackles released at that instant

And the winds beneath the wings

A delightful breaking through the sea of clouds

What a moment of wonders!

清風Mr.Wing Art於2019年創立,2020年8月改為「清風MR.WING Gallery」,並搬至現址。
『人若精彩,清風自來』是清風MR.WING Gallery的精神,每一位具有獨特靈魂的藝術家皆為感動而生,清風MR.WING Gallery的責任是以專注、專業的態度,觀察令人感動的藝術家,將其靈魂與精髓透過展覽、導覽、座談分享給知音人、收藏家,彼此相互討論創作中的理解、探討當中的美學.哲學及思想。
清風MR.WING Gallery相信藝術唯美之境,便是「完全的享受於那一當下的精彩!」

Founded in 2019 by Mr. Wing Art. In August 2020, we were changed to "MR.WING Gallery" and moved to its current location.
The very intention was to use the freedom of art to impact life, seeking the happy land of soul and adding colors to life.
The Now Space , located in Taichung City, Taiwan, stretches from Taiwan's middle- and young-generation contemporary artists to Asian contemporary art, including China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. From an entry point of collectibles, the characteristics and essences of the artists’ own culture are discovered through their works, and dialogues with the collectors are conducted for exchange of ideas. The engagement is embodied through brokering, curating, and collecting, moving towards an internationally-aligned art platform, and the exhibition is curated by brokering artists in collaboration with first-class galleries and curators from all the regions. Also provided to the collectors are professional planning of arts collection and art journey programs, in the development of more diversified international cultural exchanges. 
“Breeze comes to exquisite people” is what MR.WING Gallery believes in.  Every artist with a unique soul is born for touching sentiment, and MR.WING Gallery’s responsibility is to intently and professionally observe artists who touch people, and share their souls and spiritual essence with collectors and people who appreciate the artwork, through discussions of the creation process of the artwork to explore the aesthetics, philosophy and thinking within. 
MR.WING Gallery believes that the realm of artistic beauty is “total enjoyment of exquisiteness of the moment”.

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