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普魯斯特時光 Proust moment

「唯一真實的樂園是人們失去的樂園」(André Maurois)  


“…the true paradises are the paradises we have lost.”- André Maurois 


I always wonder that“We all live in the same world” is true. In this “Same world”, someone never has seen the sea, someone is atheist, someone eats celery and someone hates it, children somewhere have to avoid bombs over them, some just go eating ice cream after school. Proust believes truth is not synonymous with reality, a real world should be respective experiences and emotions integrated, as many real worlds as there are many people, there is not a very standard. “Proust moment” is a series with discontinuation and incompleteness. They are parallel universes for each other.“Proust moment” exists only as been explained, separated and reestablished in one’s consciousness. The beholders can not only witness but create a world which is unique and fantastic owing to its incompleteness. 

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